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What is I Choose Home NJ?

I Choose Home – NJ (also known as Money Follows the Person) is a Federal program with two main goals:
  • move people out of nursing homes and developmental centers back into the community; and
  • re-invest Medicaid dollars saved back into home and community-based services to grow the system
Residents who are eligible for Medicaid and have been living in an institutional setting for more than 90 days may be able to move to an independent community setting with supports and services.

For the first year that the transitioned individual returns to live in the community, New Jersey receives an enhanced federal Medicaid match. Those extra funds are then reinvested to create more possibilities for others to remain in their homes with the services they need.

Since 2008, New Jersey’s I Choose Home team has successfully transitioned 2600+ people from institutions back into home and community-based settings. Our goal was to transition over 2,200 people through 2020. This should result in a total cost savings of $35.5 million dollars, to be spent on much-needed home and community based services so that more New Jersey residents can age in place.

ICH-NJ is working to spread the message that A Nursing Home May Not Be the Only Option.

If you are interested in learning more, please call us at 1-855-HOME-005

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State of New Jersey
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